A thrill is awaiting you on the Oulujoki River. The choice is yours: steer your igloo boat towards new adventures or enjoy a luxurious night in dock by the Koivuranta Sauna Raft. Either way, you will be headed for memorable experiences provided by the spectacular river landscape.

The Koivuranta Igloos (by AuroraHut) are safe and equipped to a high standard. They move quietly, powered by ecological solar energy. Sitting comfortably on the terrace of the floating igloo, you get a whole new perspective of the beautiful scenery of the Oulujoki River. You can spend the night close to nature while still lying on a luxurious double bed. Viewing the midnight sun from a floating igloo is an experience that can only be found in the northern regions. All this, combined with the breathtakingly beautiful river view and sweet silence, will stir your soul. What about those starry August nights on the Oulujoki River, under the glass roof of your own river igloo? These unforgettable experiences are not to be missed!


Experience the Oulujoki River in a breathtakingly magnificent way. In a high-quality river igloo, you spend the night on water. The panoramic glass walls and ceiling offer a view in all directions. Spend an unforgettable day and a wonderful night in a river igloo at the Koivuranta dock.


Head off on an adventure onboard a river igloo and explore the best spots of the Oulujoki River safely, and on your own schedule. Steer the igloo to one of our splendid mooring points and spend the night under a starry sky or marvel at the midnight sun. Complement your excursion with the activities of your choice, such as SUP boarding and/or fatbiking.


Oulu is easily accessible by plane, train, car or bus. There are good connections to Oulu from all over Finland. See the VR, Matkahuolto and Finnair websites for schedules and ticket prices.